Hi I'm Gladys


A little about me... I am just a mom and a wife to Hector Garcia ..My children are my pride and joy. Tristan is my oldest 20 years old . And Zoey my only girl and reason why my passion was realized she is 8 yrs old. And the baby Joshua is 3 the reason why i have patience. If I am not home. I live at our studio. My Team is the BEST.. Success would not be possible with out them. Dayna Renee and Yajiras Ibarra are right hand ladies. I would not be able to function with out them. And for that i am so blessed.  Honestly  my life consist of family, flowers and Brides. Not much excitement other than  weddings.  In my free time I cook and clean.. And watch documentaries on Netflix while i work on Quotes.   




As a florist I do things a little different.  What drives my passion is seeing my Brides happy the day of the wedding. Yes my job is to deliver what you asked of me  and make sure flowers are alive and beautiful the day i deliver!! lol for your wedding day. However i understand weddings are hectic and not all things go according to plan sometimes. If you need a little help in other things, fix the dress pin up hair ok, sure i have done it all.. 

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