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Live, Love and Let Go. Smell The Roses and Smile

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Who Am I? 

FYI, my name is NOT Zoey! 

Zoey is my daughter, my only daughter and the reason why I embarked in this adventure. When I was pregnant with Zoey I took floral classes as a way to cope with a mild depression, this is where my love for flowers grew. Zoey then came along and my business took off. My job doesn't feel like a job because I create things that make me happy and these things decorate your most special day. 

My name is Gladys and this is what I love doing! 


Take the time to view a little of my passion FLOWERS!!!


Photo Credited to Bianar Location: Springs in Terrel TX


Bianar Photography

Photo credit to Germain Villalba photography


Photo credit to GM Photography

Photo credit to Germain villalba photography




 After a year of sharing a space with 3 amazing artist. I am solo in the same location. My amazing team and I would be happy to help you. Stop by and chat with us. We would be happy to see you. 

 We are conveniently located in the heart of Oak Cliff. 

309 Centre St. Dallas, Tx 75208



She doesn’t have a religion.

Her faith resides in
the stars, flowers, ocean and herself